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Are you struggling to live the life you want because you're dealing with pain?

Do you find that your mind is always "on" and the mental or emotional stress is making it hard to cope?

Are you longing to get your health back so you can feel like your old self again?

If so, smile!

You're in the right place.

Experience... a body at ease, a mind at peace, a life in balance.

We all want life to flow more easily.

At Calgary Acupuncture Centre, we help you achieve exactly this.

Dr. Mitch Wegmann

We use gentle, safe, and natural techniques to not only relieve your specific health issues, but to enhance your overall well-being. We can help you overcome pain, stress, and chronic health challenges - even if you have tried other approaches with little success. You are a unique person. Our mission is to treat you as such and help you find the place within you that is already healthy and whole.

If you're seeking physical and mental balance as well as a life that flows with more ease, call our clinic today at 403.455.0880 to schedule your first appointment. We're never too busy to help with your healthcare needs.

Mitch's care is unique. He is calm, soft spoken and thorough so you feel in good hands. I would definitely recommend Mitch because he makes the treatment feel like a treat and because we saw great improvement in our conditions. To be able to come for an effective treatment for pain and actually fall asleep during treatment shows we are in good care.

S.B., Calgary

Be. In the flow.