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Busy & Stressed Makes Me Worthy

Do you wear "busyness" as a badge of honour? Many people do. It's deeply ingrained in our culture to be busy to the point of dissatisfaction, and only at that level can one be deemed "worthy." Everyone's busy. Busy, busy, busy... stressed, over-scheduled and overwhelmed. And truth be told, most of us ARE waaay too busy. Several times in my practice, patients have noted the relaxed energy and pace I maintain in the clinic and remarked how nice it must be to work in this way. I acknowledge the relative truth in their observation and my intentionality in working this way. Still, my internal dialogue sometimes goes to this place: "I must not be busy enough and maybe I should be doing more to earn my place in society." In fact, as I write this, I'm itching to include a blurb (which I partially do in the next paragraph anyway) that proves I am very busy in my life, and thus, as worthy as all the other busy-ites out there. With full disclosure, and further irony, I am currently getting over a rough respiratory illness that I attribute directly to letting myself get too run-down. I am not yet a pro in this realm. Fortunately, I am conscious. I'm aware of my investment of time and energy along with the resultant benefits and costs. Sometimes I choose and manage well, sometimes not.  Obviously, I'm not in a position to preach on high, here. However, I feel I can maintain integrity while leaving you with some valuable questions. They are ones I ask myself and patients often.  - Do you live in a way that values busyness and stress over physical-emotional balance and health? Over relationships? - What are the benefits and what are the costs to approaching life in this way? Will you be satisfied with that balance sheet at the end of your day? In 5 years? In 20 years? - Is busyness and stress directly correlated with your self-image or worth?     - Is the busyness and stress, even if purposeful and fulfilling, taking it's toll elsewhere in your life? - Are you actively conscious and intentional with your states of busyness and stress? If not, how can you become more so? I am addressing this topic (again) because I see it in my clinic way too often. After 11+ years of practice, there is no denying how overwork, overwhelm, stress and fatigue directly impact relationships, quality of life and ability to heal or maintain health. It is real; it is highly significant. Become aware and take action.  Kindest regards, Dr. Mitch Wegmann, DTCM, RAc P.S. Comments or questions about the message above, don't hesitate to reply back to me directly. Stress and overwhelm dictating your health and quality of life? Take control and give us a call at 403-455-0880 to schedule your appointment. Or, try out our Online Booking system; its pretty nifty.


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