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Covid Update

Here we are, over two months into a pandemic and the surreal experience of life continues on for many, myself included. Fortunately, efforts to flatten the curve seem to be working and a gradual reopening of business and community access is underway in Alberta.

While many health professions eased open in Alberta's phase one last month, Acupuncturists and our patients have found themselves waiting on the sidelines. This is due to an unfortunate legislative issue whereby Acupuncture is the only regulated health profession still lingering under the now-antiquated Health Disciplines Act of Alberta.

Our regulating body, the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA), has been hard at work the past couple years taking steps to meet provincial requirements for transition to the Health Professions Act. As a result, Acupuncture has been delayed and is slated to reopen with phase two, loosely scheduled for June 19. Rest assured, when phase two is live, Acupuncturists will be ready to serve, keeping you, the public and ourselves safe by following clear and detailed Covid-19 protocols already laid out by the CAAA.

As a reminder, while we wait, I have been approved to provide acupuncture treatment for urgent care cases. Please click here for more detail on the criteria and process for seeking an urgent care appointment. 

Once we receive the green light for regular Acupuncture practice, I will be so pleased to provide care once again to all who have been asking and waiting for support and treatment. It will also be exciting to welcome you to my new joint clinic venture, Vibe Health & Spine

! It's a wonderful healing space that has started to come to life with our NUCCA chiropractors actively treating patients already. Our amazing massage therapists will be ready to go as well at phase two relaunch. 

Until then, I am only an email message away. I am here to receive your story, your challenges, your questions. Let me know how you're doing or how the pandemic experience has affected you. 

Stay connected, get outside and remember to breathe. 


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